Conventional trap cage
  • The trap cages presently used by the forest department are heavier and bulky (~1500 kg).
  • Transportation of these cages is cumbersome, as 10-15 people are required to move this cage.
  • Transportation of these cages is costly as only one cage can be properly accommodated in a truck.

Carnitrap – Trap cage for Leopards

Special features

  • Light weight (~300 kg)
  • Folding cage: the main trap cage consists of five parts which can be assembled and disassembled within 10 minutes
  • Sturdy design: the material used is as per international specifications (reference: Capture and Care Manual; Dealing with Wildlife Emergencies: Volume 1 Leopards)
  • Auto setting trap mechanism: A full proof and easy to set trigger for activating the trap door. This trigger is extremely sensitive thus assuring effective trapping.
  • The trap door gets locked automatically thus making the new folding trap cage escape proof.


  • Efficient and cost effective transportation: the trap cages used at present can be transported in a truck one at a time, at most two. But the new folding cages can be easily transported even in a Mahindra Pick – up or Tata Mobile 4 to 5 at a time.
  • Also setting up of a trap cage will be easier for the field personnel as the separate part of the new folding trap cage can be taken to sites inaccessible to the old trap


The new folding trap cage will also have the following options

  • Bait cage
  • Wheels for easy moving of the assembled trap cage

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